Types of Paranormal Evidence & Equipment

At SSPR, we use many different types of equipment in an attempt to capture evidence during a paranormal investigation. Some of the equipment we use includes:

We also use equipment that measures the environment. Environmental readings can tell us if changes in temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, vibration, magnetism, or electromagnetic fields take place at the same time other phenomena is occurring. Environmental reading devices include:

  • Thermometer
  • EMF meter
  • Mel meter
  • Geophone
  • Compass
While these are the primary pieces of equipment we use, we also experiment with newer pieces of equipment such as:

  • Ghost boxes
  • Ovilus and/or ghost box
  • Full spectrum recording equipment
  • Divining devices such as pendulums or dowsing rods

Lori prepares for a paranormal investigation aboard the USS Turner Joy 

While the gadgets are fun and can tell us a lot, SSPR feels the most important paranormal investigation "equipment" we use are the people on our team. By tuning in and paying attention to our environment, we can learn much about what's going on in a location. All of our paranormal investigators carry a pad and a pen so they can record their observations and personal experiences as they arise. 

When we present evidence to our clients, it includes: