It's been a busy time for SSPR! Among the highlights:
  • We were the first to investigate the Gig Harbor Antique Mall in Gig Harbor, Washington. You can read about it here. 
  • We participated in and consulted on several private residence investigations.
  • Members of SSPR investigated the site of the 1910 Wellington avalanche disaster. You can read more about Wellington here.
  • We welcomed satellite members Jenny, William, and Rob.
  • We participated in a great Kids' Ghost Camp held in historic Port Gamble, Washington.
  • We investigated two potentially haunted sites in Oregon City, Oregon including one site that had not previously been investigated by another team.
  • We enjoyed gathering with friends from other paranormal teams at the annual paranormal picnic on the Olympic Peninsula.
  • We participated in the Oregon Ghost Conference and Haunting for Hope. Team members Karen Frazier and William Becker spoke at both conferences.
  • Karen and William also spoke at the Port Gamble Ghost Conference in October.
  • We had a visit from a famous haunted object - the Dibbuk Box. 
  • Karen was interviewed for an upcoming issue of Collectors Magazine about haunted objects.
There's still a little bit left of 2012. Here's what we have coming up for the remainder of the year and into 2013:
  • We're headed to the USS Turner Joy in November.
  • We're working on a business/private residence combination case in Southwestern Washington. 
  • We have several investigations planned.
  • We will be at the Oregon Ghost Conference in March of 2013. Both Karen and William will be speaking.
Keep checking back - we'll update you as we go!