Patty at SSPR's recent "Whistling Ghost" investigation

When I tell people that I work as a paranormal investigator, I am often asked why I would want to do such a thing as going out to chase ghosts. It's a common question, but for me the answer is one that is filled with wonder.

I saw my first ghosts when I was five years old. They looked like real people standing in my room, but they weren't. That sparked my interest, and it seemed as if wherever I went I was finding things about ghosts. "Casper" comics were big back then, and I really liked them. I also devoured pretty much any book about the paranormal I could find in the school library - even though there were only two. Do you remember the Stranger than Science books?

I also watched ghost movies - it was (and remains) a favorite genre of mine. I was especially fascinated by Poltergeist when it came out.

It all led me to wonder - what is it that goes bump in the night? I knew things were out there, because I'd seen them. Were they ghosts? Did ghosts exist?

What I did know for certain was if ghosts existed, they didn't look like people running around in white sheets. They looked like real people - as solid as you or me. I also knew they weren't here for the purpose of evil or harm. They hadn't come to steal anyone's soul. 

The few things I did know about ghosts compelled me to discover those things I didn't know, and I've been seeking answers ever since. The bottom line is this: I investigate the paranormal because I want to know what it is that has haunted me since I was five years old.