by Karen Frazier

Rob at the Walker Ames House in Port Gamble, WA
Sometimes paranormal investigation can break your heart. Ultimately, our job as paranormal investigators is get to the truth - regardless of what that truth is. Often, we come up with an exciting bit of evidence, only to realize it has a decidedly un-paranormal explanation.

Case in point - SSPR recently investigated the Walker Ames house in Port Gamble, WA with Black Wolf Paranormal. One of the stories about the house involves a man who was held prisoner in the basement, and investigators often report personal experiences that seem to correlate to a male in the cellar who is none-too happy with women. Because of this, Rob set up his equipment and focused his time on that area of the house. Upon review of his audio recordings, Rob came up with a six minute audio clip that seemed to have a man muttering to himself for the entire time. No one was in the basement at the time. Rob asked me to listen to his audio.

I was excited and hoping to confirm the evidence Rob thought he had. As I listened, I felt encouraged because I did, indeed, hear a male voice muttering every six or seven seconds throughout the clip. The more I listened, however, the more I realized the muttering voice sounded familiar. Then I realized why. While Rob had his equipment in the basement, Billi was sitting upstairs using a ghost radar type application on her Kindle Fire. The application spoke words aloud. Upon re-listening, I was certain that was what caused the voice. What I couldn't work out, however, was how that voice was carrying so easily to the cellar in this very large house. Then Rob came up with the answer. Billi was sitting next to a vent. I grew up in a house with furnace vents like that, and you could whisper into one on the top floor and hear it across the house and in the basement like the whisperer was sitting right next to you.

Things like that can be a bummer, because unexplainable evidence that may, indeed, point to paranormal phenomena is pretty exciting for paranormal investigators. While we seek to think critically and find logical explanations, many of us would really like to believe that we're not just chasing noises in the floorboards and dust in digital photographs. Instead, we have to be incredibly honest with ourselves, our clients, and each other and follow the evidence wherever it leads. We must do that regardless of what we hope or believe is the truth about the paranormal. To do anything else undermines what we claim to seek and does a disservice to the truth.

At SSPR, we are dedicated to discovering the truth by following the evidence where it leads. If you think you may have paranormal activity, we can help. We will investigate and evaluate any evidence we collect. Often, we can come up with logical, natural world explanations. Sometimes we can't, but in those cases we can help you come to terms with any unexplainable phenomena you may be experiencing. Give us a call if you need help.