by Karen Frazier
Reprinted from Paranormal Underground Magazine

It used to be that the paranormal scared me. I’ve told the story before of my time in a WWII-era haunted apartment. It was my first apartment and it freaked the crap out of me. I spent the next 20 years running from my paranormal self. If I were to run into that young, skinny, scared 21-year-old today, I’d offer her some advice that would probably make things a whole lot easier.  

11. It’s okay to just know things, so you don’t have to hide it anymore.
We all inherit gifts from the people who come before us. Remember how you used to find your grandmother gleefully touching all the packages under the Christmas tree and stating their contents as if by magic? Yes – that is a gift you inherited from her. Twenty years from now, she will be gone and you will still be here. One of the things you will treasure the most is that you have this piece of her in you. Now, while you have her with you, talk to her about it. It is a gift you share, and it can draw you closer. It can help you both not feel so alone.

10.When someone you know has died comes to you, don’t be afraid.
Sometimes it happens in vivid dreams. Sometimes they’re just there. Sometimes you hear them but can’t see them. These are your loved ones reaching out to communicate with you, and it’s an amazing gift. Listen with your heart and you will know this is true. You’ll never regret listening to the words of love they have come to share with you.

9. The universe is more benevolent than you think.
It may not seem like it right now. You’ve been through and are going through some tough things that make it seem like adult life is super difficult. Here’s the thing. You’re the one making it difficult with your resistance. If you can just relax and be instead of trying to control things, it will all go so much easier. Not only that, but you’ll find peace and joy in going with the flow, as well as enjoying your authentic self. Whenever things seem the most desperate in the years to come (and at times they will), it’s time to let go. The universe has never once failed to provide you with exactly what you need the moment you need it. Let go. You’ll be glad you did.

8. Sometimes you’ll know things ahead of time, but you won’t really be able to do anything about it.
Therefore, there’s no use feeling guilty after the fact that you weren’t able to stop it. You can’t stop an earthquake, but you can help the people around you prepare. You can’t stop a murder that is about to occur across the country when you don’t have enough specific information. When those things you see inevitably happen, it’s not your fault. Tune in, listen, and do what you can.

7. When you get the urge to get in contact with someone, do it.
It’s better to call someone and tell them you love them than to wish you had later, after something has happened. These thoughts are the urges of your soul and they are giving you the opportunity to avoid regret.

6. You aren’t crazy.
I know you think you’re losing it in crowds or when you live multi-family housing units like apartments or dorms, but the rush of emotions you feel aren’t yours. While it may seem like a curse, this is one of your greatest gifts – the ability to tune into the emotions of others. Your empathy is a call to compassion. Use it responsibly with gentleness and kindness in all of your actions.

5. Get over yourself.
Yeah – you write well and it will serve you well, but don’t get so arrogant about it. What you’ll soon realize is that those beautiful words aren’t coming from you. They are coming through you and are gift that should be honored with deep humility.

4. Dead people don’t have to be scary.
Sure it can be a little freaky when things occur and you can’t see who is doing it, but it’s happening so you’ll pay attention. This ghost thing may seem a little weird, but it is an important part of your spiritual path. You have come to help others find their way Home, only you don’t realize it yet. The spirits are scaring you in order to help you realize this life’s purpose. Talk to them. Find out why they are here. And then help them find resolution so they can go Home, which is where we all long to be.

3. Past lives are fascinating, but now is what matters.
You’ve been digging around in this subject since you were a kid because you’ve had some interesting dreams and memories. In a few years, you’ll begin seeking out additional experiences in order to learn more about who you once were.

While it’s interesting to do so, the most important thing is who you are right now. You are here and you have a purpose. If you pay attention, you won’t need to continue seeking to discover what that is. That’s because your purpose is being exactly who you are right now, doing exactly what you do right now. You have a choice in this moment of who you are. You have one in every moment. Make the most of every single one of those choices, and you will have lived your purpose brilliantly.

2. Love never dies. Neither do you.
You’re going to struggle a lot over the next few decades, trying to fit what you know in your deepest soul to be true into the trappings of your religious background. You have to let go of this, because you will never make it fit. You know the truth, because you have tiny glimpses of it every once in a while when you’re not busy trying to overthink everything.

When those glimpses come, go to a quiet place and breathe into them. Those glimpses you see are the key to remembering exactly who you are. I could tell you exactly who that is (love), but you won’t believe me until you experience it for yourself. That’s why it’s important you make the most of those moments. Once you remember, you won’t be afraid anymore because you’ll know this to be true. Love never dies. It goes on and on, and so do you.

1. Every soul you ever meet comes to you in love.
It may not always seem like your interactions are very loving, but at the soul level that is exactly what they are. Your most difficult and contentious relationships are also those where the greatest truths lie. The people you believe are torturing you are acting from love so you will learn the lesson. Try to look beyond the person you see in the flesh and appreciate the soul who has allowed you to make them the object of your ire and hatred in the name of love.