Patty taking readings during our Puyallup investigation

In mid-December, Patty, Billi, Melinda, and I (Karen) investigated a private residence in Puyallup, Washington. The homeowner had been experiencing so much activity in the house she was staying elsewhere. She invited SSPR to investigate, and we took a small team in to do so.

The homeowner's reports of activity included:
  • Items being moved around the house, including a pair of scissors, which wound up being stuck in a countertop
  • Garden statues being moved around outside of the house
  • Photographs with odd anomalies and faces in them (SSPR found two to be of particular interest, while the rest were most likely reflections)
  • Heaviness in the air
  • Laundry being removed from the washer when no one was home
  • Loud noises in several rooms in the house
  • Malfunctions with electronics, particularly clocks
  • Frequent and persistent whistling with no recognizable source coming from multiple locations in the house.
During the course of the investigation, SSPR used the following equipment:
  • DVR system with six cameras
  • Zoom H4 high-definition audio recording device
  • SB7-2 spirit box
  • Sony SLR digital camera
  • Mel meter
  • SpiriTouch communication device
  • Dowsing rods (for communication)
  • Assorted trigger objects
We had an interesting session with the spirit box in which the names of several spirits were spoken that matched names I "heard" in my head before and during the investigation. One of the names, Adam, appeared to be associated with the whistling, which we heard throughout the evening.

Many times throughout the evening, we heard whistling. The whistling seemed to have the same pattern a human whistle would, and it varied in its location and volume. Sometimes it was quite loud, as if the whistler was right next to us. Other times, it seemed to come from inside of a closet or in another room. At times, the whistling was responsive - we would whistle and it would return our whistled pattern. At other times, it would happen when we were focused on something else, as if to get our attention. We managed to record a great deal of the whistling on our Zoom H4, and I've included an excerpt on our evidence page for you to hear.

The team tried several experiments to determine the source and location of the whistling, but it proved elusive. As far as we can tell, there exists no natural explanation for such whistling to occur from either inside or outside of the house.