by Karen Frazier

The team with the haunted Dibbuk Box
Recently, I spent several weeks in possession of what may be considered to be one of the most mysterious haunted objects in the world. More specifically, I spent time with its replica. The Dibbuk Box is at the center of the true story behind the movie, The Possession. 

I've interviewed the Dibbuk Box's current caretaker several times on my radio show, Paranormal Underground Radio. You can listen here, here, here and here.

Karen, Patty and the Fibbuk Box.
You can also find my original article about the Dibbuk Box that I wrote for Paranormal Underground Magazine at the end of this post.

Jason had mentioned before that the Dibbuk Box replica seemed to have some sympathetic magic attached to it - that is, that in some ways it may act like the original. He told me that when Sam Raimi was in possession of the Dibbuk Box replica in order to make the movie, The Possession, he reported some strange happenings, as well. There were even odd things that happened on set of he movie, so the entire cast had a wary respect for the haunted object.

Naturally I had no choice but to accept when Jason offered to ship the Dibbuk Box replica to me. After all, what kind of a paranormal researcher would I be if I said no? It was a neat artifact to work with, and an interesting one to have around the house. 

Patty poses with the Fibbuk Box
One thing my article does not mention is how strangely they looked at me at the shipping place when I went to send the replica back to Jason. They asked what it was. I told them. They did a double take and asked again. Fortunately, I was able to escape before the white coats came to take me away.

Read about my experiences with the Dibbuk Box below. And of course, read Jason's wonderful book about this haunted object, The Dibbuk Box.