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Brushes with the Afterlife

Posted by Karen Frazier on Tuesday, December 11, 2012, In : Paranormal Theory 
by Karen Frazier

I've spent a majority of my life studying the afterlife. While paranormal research is probably the most obvious way to do this, it is actually the most recent subject in my ongoing pursuit.

As a child, I grew up with the traditions of the Christian church. I questioned those beliefs from an early age, however, because some things just didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. 

You see, along with an insatiable curiosity about the origins of the human soul, I also absolutely adore ...
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Trigger Objects in Investigations

Posted by Karen Frazier on Monday, December 10, 2012, In : Investigations 
by Karen Frazier

Photo used under Flickr creative commons license (c) Aunt Owwee

When we research the paranormal, we sometimes forget that the devices we carry may be unfamiliar to spirits. I know in my investigations of the Wellington avalanche disaster site when I've used things that appear quite modern (such as laser grids or very bright lights), the spirits have indicated via a ghost box they are a little afraid of those items. This isn't surprising, given the spirits at Wellington are like...
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Paranormal Research Equipment: Why We Use High-Definition Audio Devices

Posted by Karen Frazier on Thursday, December 6, 2012, In : Equipment 
by Karen Frazier

A Samson Zoom H4n high-definition audio recorder

When I first started investigating the paranormal, I tried a number of audio recording devices. What I quickly discovered was how much the sound quality varied from recorder to recorder. Audio recorders range widely in price and quality, from about $40 to over $200. 

My first audio recorder was a cheap one - I spent around $40 for it. Using that audio recorder, I noticed I captured a lot of whispery voices. So many whispers, in fa...
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Paranormal Research Equipment: The Ghost Box

Posted by Karen Frazier on Wednesday, December 5, 2012, In : Equipment 
by Karen Frazier
A simple and inexpensive Radio Shack hack ghost box (Radio Shack 12-469)

Can the dead communicate with us through a field of white noise? That's the theory behind the ghost box, a piece of equipment that seeing more common use with many paranormal researchers.

The concept behind the ghost box is quite simple: a normal transistor radio is modified so it rapidly sweeps the stations of either the AM or FM band instead of remaining on one station. This creates a field of white nois...
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Should You Investigate Your Own Home?

Posted by Karen Frazier on Sunday, November 25, 2012, In : Investigations 
by Karen Frazier


So you have things that go bump in the night in your house, and you're starting to get a little concerned. Maybe you've learned some investigation techniques from watching paranormal television shows, or even from reading this blog. So what should you do? Should you investigate your house?

Our fearless leader, Patty Valdez, strongly cautions against making this move, and I agree with her. 

Shortly after we moved into our house, I had a group of friends over for dinner including...
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