Name: Rob

What is your role with SSPR? I am a satellite member (not a full-time member but lucky enough to be able to join when needed). 

How long have you been with the team, and how long have you participated in paranormal research? I've been with SSPR for under a year and investigating for about six years.

What is your profession? Hotel, guest peon (Editors' Note: Rob also writes a terrific monthly column for Paranormal Underground Magazine)

What are your hobbies? My kids, hockey, fishing, acting like a kid, making people laugh, eating cookies.  

Why the paranormal? I was 12 years old when the first "unknown" happened. I wanted to know more.

What is your most profound, funny, or scary paranormal experience? Seeing the full-body apparition at my work. I know some people wait YEARS and YEARS for the chance. I'm not sure why I was lucky enough to see it. 
What would people be surprised to learn about you? Everyone knows I have two kids, Nicholus and Emma, but I also have a third child, Emily, who I lost at 5 months. It's how Emma got her name -we wanted to honor Emily somehow so she could always be with us - EMma. Emily would be 13. 

What scares you? Honestly, a lot of things. Ghosts just aren't one of them.