In 2012, Sara Harris died from an acute lung injury. Her husband, Shane, started the Sara Harris Foundation to educate the paranormal community about respiratory safety. Sometimes we explore old buildings were a number of hazards lurk. It's an issue many in the field don't think about in our eagerness to explore the mysteries of the afterlife.

Shane seeks to educate the paranormal community so no one loses husband or wife, a parent or child. Health and safety is an important aspect of paranormal investigation.

 Elaine Davison of Western Oregon Organization of Paranormal Investigators (WOOPI) has worked with medical doctors to create a safety pamphlet for paranormal teams. The doctors made their recommendations based on cases of injury and illness they've treated in paranormal investigators. The risks are real, but with appropriate care they can be managed.

Please download Elaine's pamphlet and distribute it to your team and others you know who investigate the paranormal. Our goal is to find ghosts - not to become them.