We hear from potential clients all the time who are unsure whether they should be calling us.

Admittedly, calling in a paranormal team is a big step. For many people, making that phone call is the first time they've admitted aloud they may be dealing with a haunting. That can be scary because despite the influx in interest in the paranormal in popular media, there's still a large and very loud segment of the population telling you just how nuts you are if you believe in ghosts.

You're not nuts. The unexplained happens to people all the time, and as a paranormal research team we've experienced it ourselves on numerous occasions. While much of the unexplained can actually trace back to non-paranormal sources, a small percentage may, indeed, be signs of a haunting. 

Our team looks for both paranormal and natural explanations for activity in your home or business. While we place an emphasis on finding natural explanations, we never rule out potential paranormal explanations if we've exhausted every logical source of activity we can imagine. Sometimes the most logical conclusion is that a location is haunted. Other times, there are issues with wiring, air pressure, building construction, or many others that are producing those scary things that go bump in the night.

The first sign of trouble isn't necessarily when you should call in a paranormal team, however. Typically, we suggest people who have only had one or two experiences to begin documenting them for a period, noting the activity, conditions under which the activity occurred (date, time, temperature, weather, did the heat just kick on, etc.) After documenting several incidents, then it might be time to have a team come in. 

Of course in some cases the activity is so anomalous that even if it's the first incident ever, you may want to call in a paranormal team. For example, one of our clients came home to a house she lived alone in and found a pair of scissors embedded in the counter and nothing else amiss. She called. If what you're experiencing is that odd and unexplainable that there is no possible logical explanation, then by all means call.

Here are some of the questions potential clients ask us, with answers we commonly provide.

Q: Can I investigate my own home?
A: We don't recommend it. Investigating your own home is essentially inviting contact. If there are spirits in your home and you open up those lines of communication, you may notice a pattern of escalating activity. Because a paranormal team doesn't live in the home or occupy the business, they may open up communication and cause activity to step up for a short time. However, shortly after the team leaves activity levels should taper to normal as the spirits realize the interaction won't continue.

Q: Nobody died here, so why would I be experiencing any anomalous activity?
A: It's a common misconception that a death in a home or business is the reason activity occurs. While that can be one reason, many others can also spark activity, as well. Hauntings may be associated with objects, people, or just emotional energy. For example, I have a friend who swears she haunts her own home. One day she was walking through the house when her husband jumped out and scared her. She screamed, and she says the scream continues to echo through the house from time to time - an emotional imprint of a moment of great energy expenditure. Likewise, just because someone died in your home or business doesn't mean they've stuck around to haunt it. 

Q: Are you just going to tell me I have mice?
A: Maybe - or maybe not. The truth is, we never really know until we get into your home and really start to investigate. A lot of natural phenomena can be quite scary in a dark room when you don't know it's there. We had one home where our clients were hearing footsteps in a small attic space above their house. We placed a motion activated camera there for about 30 days and discovered (from teeth marks on the camera) that the most likely source of those sounds were rodents. The same home also had high levels of carbon monoxide (and no detectors), which may have contributed to the perception of activity in the house. The clients were quite disappointed with our findings, but the truth is that sometimes natural explanations rule the day. When we find them, we hope you will be relieved that you can explain what you are experiencing and take action to eliminate the causes of activity that is making you uncomfortable. We never judge clients who think they have paranormal activity only to discover later it arises from natural causes. Ghost stories have been around for thousands of years in every culture, and it can be pretty darn easy to misinterpret incidents until you know their causes.

Q: If I do have ghosts, can you get rid of them?
A: Probably not - unless they want to be gotten rid of. Our goal at SSPR is documentation and finding potential explanations. Many home and business owners are quite satisfied just by knowing what's causing their anomalous activity. If you do have some type of intelligent entity in your home, it is a soul of free will, just as you are. While we can attempt to communicate with spirits, we can't force them to do anything or go anywhere - although sometimes we make gentle suggestions. As the home or business owner, you have a lot of control in this. Just as you can with the living, you can set firm boundaries and enforce them. We are happy to help you establish a plan to do this. We also have contacts we can share who may be able to bless your home and cleanse its energy.

Q: I think my home has a demon. Can you help?
A: Demons are outside of our area of expertise. If we truly believe your home has a demon, then we will recommend you seek help from clergy of your faith or a demonologist. We are not demonologists, nor do we have any on our team. With that being said, it is our experience that what most people think are demons in their home aren't. They may be experiencing angry spirits, or the activity may even have a logical explanation. If we do feel we can help, we conduct our investigation just like we would any other and make recommendations based on our findings.

Q: When should I call a paranormal team?
A: If you are uncomfortable in your home or business, it's not going to hurt to call us. We never judge and we may be able to offer suggestions. In some cases, we feel an investigation or walk-through is warranted, and we'll make arrangements to do so. In cases where children are involved or when you feel terrorized, we'll make it a priority to investigate your home as soon as possible.
Need an investigation? Contact us via telephone 253.678.4285, email us, or fill out our contact form. We never judge, and we'd like to help so you can feel comfortable in your home or business.