by Karen Frazier


A popular hypothesis about paranormal activity is that ghosts can be attached to objects. While no empirical evidence exists proving this to be the case, many paranormal researchers will tell you that this appears to be true in some cases.

I can relay a recent SSPR case. We were asked to investigate a house in the Olympia area. When we interviewed the homeowners before going to their house, a persistent thought kept popping into my head about antique weaponry. I asked if they had any antiques, previously owned items, or garage sale/flea market type purchases. They said they didn't. I then asked specifically about antique weapons. The homeowner realized he had his great grandfather's rifle from the war.

When we started investigating the house, the homeowner recalled a few other items that were antiques, including a masonic sword that had belonged to his other grandfather. As the investigation progressed, we began having some rather interesting activity surrounding the sword.

Lori and I were conducting a ghost box session with the sword on the table. As I asked if there was anyone that was there with the sword, the ghost box answered, "Yes," and then said the word, "Opa" several times. It also began saying a name that sounded like Roland when we asked what his name was - although that wasn't quite right. I radioed the homeowner and asked if he'd called his grandfather (the one who'd owned the sword) Opa. It turns out he had. The grandfather's name was also quite unusual, and sounded very much like Roland. Score two for the ghost box.

Does that mean that Opa was attached to the sword? Maybe or maybe not, but there were enough coincidences that it certainly made that explanation possible.

Then, of course, there's the case of the Dibbuk Box, the ultimate haunted object.

That's why one of the questions we ask people seeking help from SSPR about antiques and other used objects. If the activity has only recently begun, we ask whether any new objects have been brought into the home. While we can't conclusively prove that these objects are the cause of activity, sometimes removing them from the home can and does cause it to cease. 

While there is no proof that ghosts can attach to objects, it's definitely something to be aware of when you shop in antique stores, flea markets, and other second-hand marketplaces. If you bring something home and you begin to experience activity, try removing the object from your space for a while to see if things change. Caution is required, however, because if you mishandle the object you may wind up with more than you bargained for. That's why it's important you seek expert advice if you feel you are dealing with a haunted object. Give us a call and we'll be happy to help.