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Understanding Spirits

Posted by Karen Frazier on Sunday, December 1, 2013, In : Personal Experiences 
by Karen Frazier

Every soul I encounter – whether attached to a living or dead person – has its own unique “signature.” This signature is easy to understand when you think of a living person. Take a moment to think of someone you love. Close your eyes and put yourself in that person’s presence. There is a “feel” to that experience that is unique. If you switch to a different person in your mind’s eye, then the feel of the experience most likely changes, as well.

It is my exp...
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Spirit Communication

Posted by Billi Oberlander on Monday, November 18, 2013, In : Personal Experiences 
by Karen Frazier

I have a lot of people ask me about the things they see on paranormal television. One of the common questions goes a little something like this: "Have you ever been possessed or attacked like you see on the television shows?"

I've certainly had intense contact with spirits, but I've never experienced anything that I would consider an attack or possession.

As paranormal researchers, we enter haunted locations with the intent of engaging any ghosts that might be there. We invite t...
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Uninvited Guests

Posted by Karen Frazier on Monday, April 15, 2013, In : Personal Experiences 
Tuning in to a spirit empathically

I recently spent a weekend at a lovely haunted B&B. It is generally known this inn is haunted, but the owner prefers the fact isn't advertised. In the past, she's had issues with thrill seekers coming uninvited to her property and running amok, disrespecting the gentle spirits who live there (she calls them permanents), as well as her living guests. One particularly busy weekend, she reports, a paranormal team came into the hotel without permission and scatt...

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SSPR's Karen on Paradigm Shift Radio

Posted by Billi Oberlander on Tuesday, March 12, 2013, In : Personal Experiences 
Did you miss Karen's appearance on Paradigm Shift Radio? Listen to the podcast here.

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The Things My Inner Voice Makes Me Do

Posted by Karen Frazier on Friday, February 22, 2013, In : Personal Experiences 

Karen on a recent SSPR investigation
Researching the afterlife (and the paranormal) has taken me in directions I never imagined my life would go. I tried to get it down on paper in my latest book, Dancing with the Afterlife, but it's difficult to explain just how profoundly it has all affected every aspect of my life.

After reading the book, one of SSPR's good friends, Ashley, contacted me to tell me how great it was to see how far I'd come from a woman who was afraid to identify a German shep...
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Why I Investigate

Posted by Patty Valdez on Monday, January 28, 2013, In : Personal Experiences 

Patty at SSPR's recent "Whistling Ghost" investigation

When I tell people that I work as a paranormal investigator, I am often asked why I would want to do such a thing as going out to chase ghosts. It's a common question, but for me the answer is one that is filled with wonder.

I saw my first ghosts when I was five years old. They looked like real people standing in my room, but they weren't. That sparked my interest, and it seemed as if wherever I went I was finding things about ghosts. "Casp...
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The Secret Is Out

Posted by Karen Frazier on Wednesday, November 14, 2012, In : Personal Experiences 
by Karen Frazier

Every single one of these people has had a paranormal experience
(Jenny from SSPR, Elaine from WOOPI, Ellen from PAST is Present, Patty from SSPR)

One of the things that has always fascinated me about being a paranormal investigator is this: when people find out what I do, many get a furtive look in their eye, lower their voices, and looking around nervously confide a paranormal experience to me. It's amazing to me just how many people have had paranormal experiences and how se...
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The Dibbuk Box and Me

Posted by Karen Frazier on Sunday, November 4, 2012, In : Personal Experiences 
by Karen Frazier

The team with the haunted Dibbuk Box
Recently, I spent several weeks in possession of what may be considered to be one of the most mysterious haunted objects in the world. More specifically, I spent time with its replica. The Dibbuk Box is at the center of the true story behind the movie, The Possession. 

I've interviewed the Dibbuk Box's current caretaker several times on my radio show, Paranormal Underground Radio. You can listen here, here, here and here.

Karen, Patty and th...
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