by Karen Frazier
I wind up in a lot of conversations with people about why I am involved in paranormal research. While everyone's answer to this question is different, when I talk to the guests on my radio show who are involved in paranormal research, the answer often centers on searching for an explanation for anomalous experiences in childhood or young adulthood.

Having such an experience can certainly trigger the quest for understanding about the paranormal. It did for me. While the story I tell about my first paranormal experiences triggering my drive to research the paranormal is true, however, when I really look at it I realize that was merely another symptom of a different lifelong quest. You see, even as a very young child I was fascinated with the afterlife. For me, it wasn't just ghosts that interested me (although I can remember being curious and unafraid about ghosts even as young as about the age of 5 - around the same time I had an imaginary friend). Instead, it was the whole enchilada. I can't think of a time when I haven't gravitated to material about the human spirit and survival of consciousness after death.

Clearly, when I was five I didn't really do a lot of solid research. Back then, much of my education was your basic garden-variety Sunday school teaching about a place called Heaven. Still, as quickly as I was able to read non-picture books, I was at the library digging through the section dealing with afterlife subjects such as reincarnation, ghosts, and near-death experiences.

Today, much of my afterlife investigation centers around paranormal research, because I believe I just may discover some answers there and I feel it is part of my life's path to help and communicate with spirits that have chosen to remain earth-bound. However, paranormal research is merely a piece of the whole for me. My ultimate quest is to learn about conscious survival of death: the afterlife.

What's involved in this research?
  • Medium and psychic communications
  • Reincarnation
  • Life between lives
  • Near-death experiences
  • Paranormal research
  • Cultural experiences and belief systems
It's amazing just how much information is out there supporting afterlife research, and I've devoured a great deal of it. Whenever possible, I've used myself as a test subject (past-life regression, life between lives regression, paranormal investigation). While I personally have never had a near-death experience, I know several people who have and I've inserted their (remarkably consistent) stories in place of my own experience.

What many people don't realize is just how sophisticated much of the research is into the afterlife. There's a lot of evidence out there, and much of it is, in my opinion (and the opinion of those far more educated than me), scientifically viable.

I try to remain open-minded at all times, so I'm always ready to hear new thoughts and ideas. Where I stand right now, however, is believing that a preponderance of the evidence suggests there is some conscious human survival after death.

Do we exist beyond the earthly plane? Probably. Do we reincarnate? It's very likely. Do human spirits stick around the earthly plane after death sometimes? I believe they do. Can spirits who have crossed over communicate with living people? Most likely. Do near-death experiences give us a glimpse of life on the other side? I find it highly possible.

Sure, none of those are concrete answers, and that's exactly why I keep on doing the research. I am an afterlife researcher for two reasons: because I want to learn and because I want to help. As long as I am able to do those two things, I will remain on this path of discovery about who and what we really are.